Colorado mountain wedding with makeup and bridal hairstyle by Beauty on Location Studio of Denver

Most Requested Bridal Makeup Looks 2022

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to bridal makeup looks. Yet, some looks remain popular among brides. Here are the top looks requested by brides this last year – of all the weddings we did.

1. Luminous Look

The luminous makeup look is in! This makeup look was the most popular! This makeup look is a minimalist one, giving you a natural, dewy, and glowy skin. It is the best option if you want a lovely natural glowing that will last ALL day long.


Black eyeliner
Fuller eyebrows
Dewy skin
Individual eyelashes

A luminous look will give you a beautiful minimalistic look, starting with the base foundation. This beautiful formulation will create a radiant appearance that feels like a second skin.

Requested with this look are individual lashes (these are in).

Colorado mountain wedding with makeup and bridal hairstyle by Beauty on Location Studio of Denver

2. The Matte Makeup Look

The matte makeup look is one of the best bridal makeup looks. Matte makeup look uses products that effectively absorb excess oil from the skin, hiding blemishes and giving your skin a smooth, velvety finish.

You can choose vibrant or neutral colors based on your preferences. You have a wide range of possibilities for stunning looks.

3. The ‘No Makeup,’ Makeup Look

“We are seeing makeup trends in general back away from harsh contour lines and move closer to naturally looking rosy cheeks and subtle highlighter with neutral eyeshadow tones. ” – Liz

Enter the ‘No Makeup’ makeup look. This is where it appears that you are not wearing makeup, hence the name. The look gives you a naturally gorgeous appearance.

The makeup look will give you an excellent light base and an even skin tone. The sheer foundation or base will also deliver that ideal radiant and healthy glow.

This look is especially popular for brides getting married in the Colorado mountains.

Colorado mountain wedding with makeup and bridal hairstyle by Beauty on Location Studio of Denver

Other Makeup Looks for Brides

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

If the above popular looks don’t resonate with you, here’s another option: The smokey makeup look. It will make you stand out. Your eyes shine bright and bolder, despite the color of your irises. If you want a softer eye look, add a smudged liner to the lower lash line.

Soft Glam Look

Soft glam is a type of makeup that will make you look luxurious without having your makeup wear you. That means your makeup will still look natural and shiny. This makeup look typically uses rose gold, peachy, or pink tones. These tones will be evident in the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Alternatively, you can use subtle nude lips and a hint of shimmer in the highlighter to tone down the colors. If you are not a fan of this color palette, you can switch them to light browns.


Choosing your wedding makeup, when there are hundreds of makeup trends and styles, can be challenging, there are many options. When booking us for your wedding, we’ll cover everything from what type of look you want, to making it happen, so that you will look gorgeous on your special day.